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A Message from the Beyond Accounting team regarding COVID-19

To all of our clients and those in affected communities,

First our hearts go out to anyone whose lives have been altered by the COVID-19 situation. Please know the Beyond Accounting team is here to help in anyway that we can. As an essential service (providing payroll) we are here in the office, though practicing advised social distancing measures. Please read this entire message to get some answers and suggestions to items that pertain our industry and our clients:

1. The IRS has extended the deadline to file taxes until July 15th. However, we still recommend that you get your taxes filed ASAP. This is for two reasons -- the first is that if you're due a refund, you will get that refund when you file as the IRS is still processing returns. Secondly, if you owe money, you will want to know what you owe so that you can account for it accordingly instead of waiting until July.

Lastly, after April 15th, our office will be going back to regular hours, so we will not be able to prepare taxes outside of our regular business hours.

If you are worried about coming into our office, you don't need to have an in-person appointment to get your taxes done. You can email, fax, drop-off or we can pick up documents to get your taxes filed so that there is no contact. In fact, many of our clients are used to dropping off documents at our office so that they do not have to wait in person to get their taxes done.

2. Questions are coming in regarding distribution of funds to individuals based on income after the Federal Government passed the CARE act. Please review this article produced by the New York Times to get answers to these questions.

3. Loans are being offered to small businesses during the COVID-19 situation. Please visit their website in order to fill out an application. If you need assistance with this, please email our team.

4. We have been getting a lot of questions about unemployment and paid family leave. We are not the best source of information regarding these topics and advise you to contact your insurance or benefits broker. We understand you may have difficulty getting through the unemployment website as the system is inundated. We will not be able to do anything to speed this process up and our advice is, even though it is difficult, is to keep trying until you get through.

5. Our hours have been updated:

M-Th: Open 9-3

Friday & Saturday: By appointment only

Sunday: Closed

6. We are available and happy to help with anything you need. Please call or reach us via email:

Thank you & stay safe!

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